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Golf Tournament

The Birth of Stedfast Golf Tournament
by Mr Yong Chee Seng

Stedfast Association of Kuala Lumpur, in keeping with its tradition, holds its Annual Fellowship Golf Game. Since its first inception, the Association has not failed to hold this Fellowship Golf Game annually which was initiated by Mr. Danny Cheah.

Among the salient aims and objectives of the Stedfast Association KL's Constitution, is to provide financial assistance to meet needs: be they for welfare relief, educational, enhancement and support of Boys' Brigade activities or disaster relief.

The Annual Stedfast Fellowship Golf Tournament is one of the main approaches to raise funds for such activities and it is the only fund raising event for the Association.

The Stedfast Association KL invites applications for its scholarship grants and loans in April each year.This exercise is targeted at students who are members of The Boys' Brigade past and present and who have obtained admission to tertiary, professional, technical or skill courses of studies.

For the record, the Association has successfully financed former BB members in various courses of studies; from polytechnics, colleges and tertiary institutions of higher education.

The Stedfast Association KL has also stepped forward to provide assistance to BB companies in various areas of need. It has sponsored applicants to participate in training and study courses, purchase of equipment and company and state level organization of activities.

Since 2004, the Association has also provide annual grants too, to help the Grace Dialysis Association which runs the Grace Dialysis Centre in Petaling Jaya. Grace Dialysis Association is a social concerns out reach of the Trinity Methodist Church Petaling Jaya.

Another beneficiary is the family of Sylvia Hyams. Sylvia is a retired nurse who has a handicapped son; but she was willing to take in and care for another handicapped child who was abandoned.On learning of her needs, the KL Stedfast Association has taken the responsibility to provide food items such as milk, rice, oil and also a small monthly subsidy to tide over difficult times.

Since the first in augural game at Kota Permai Golf Resort in 1994, all the following games have been held at the Templer Park Country Club. Other than the social and charitable commitment to which the bulk of the funds collected are channeled to, an important facet of the games is the provision of fellowship among participants and opportunities for networking.

In all the games there was no lack of support. Hence with the large number of prizes almost half the participants will be able to carry one home.

The Association is specially grateful to the many sponsors, some of whom have never failed to give their support since the first inception of the games. We also want to express our thanks to the many participants who without fail, each year turn up to give their support.


Past Champions of the Golf Tournament



Tournament Date

1st Stedfast Golf Tournament

Mr. Michael Theam

May 29, 1998

2nd Stedfast Golf Tournament

Mr. Looi Wei Chew

July 16, 1999

3rd Stedfast Golf Tournament

Mr. Peter Chen

July 21, 2000

4th Stedfast Golf Tournament

Mr. Phang Chak Thong

June 29, 2001

5th Stedfast Golf Tournament

Mr. Hermie Tye

October 18, 2002

6th Stedfast Golf Tournament

Mr. Wang Jack Jong

September 19, 2003

7th Stedfast Golf Tournament

Mr. David Chen

September 3, 2004

8th Stedfast Golf Tournament

Mr. Jason Koh

September 30, 2005

9th Stedfast Golf Tournament

Mr. Lim Yew Soon

September 22, 2006

10th Stedfast Golf Tournament

Mr. Phang Chak Thong

August 10, 2007

11th Stedfast Golf Tournament

Mr. Ding Cho Hee

July 18, 2008

12th Stedfast Golf Tournament

Mr. Yap Chin Teng

September 4, 2009

13th Stedfast Golf Tournament

Mr. Raymond Tee

May 27, 2010

14th Stedfast Golf Tournament

Mr. Cameron Cheah

June 3, 2011
15th Stedfast Gold Tournament Mr. Ng Chee Chun  September 7, 2012
16th Stedfast Gold Tournament  
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