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About KL Stedfast


Persatuan Stedfast Kuala Lumpur is a voluntary organization for serving officers and former members of The Boys' Brigade. It is a natural extension of great youth organization, The Boys' Brigade, the oldest uniform organization in the world which was founded on 4th October, 1883 by Sir William AlexandeAr Smith in Glasgow, Scotland. From one small company of 35 boys, it has grown into a worldwide organization with companies in over 60 countries.

Stedfast Association of Kuala Lumpur is a place where we can rekindle the spirit of yesteryears and can also stand proud by knowing for a fact that we can contribute our talents and experience back to the Brigade. Financial resources can be pooled together to assist in whatever ways we can, to all the current members of The Boys' Brigade, particularly in the Klang Valley.

The idea of forming this Association was mooted by a few former officers and serving Officers of the 1st Kuala Lumpur Company spearheaded by Mr. Michael Yei, currently the President of Stedfast Association of Kuala Lumpur. The others were Mr. Tung Kam Seng, Mr. Andy Chan, Mr. Henry Hong, Mr. Low Ching Cheong and Mr. Cheong Sing Yuen. The initial task of this group was the preparation of a draft Constitution and the soft launch of the Association.

When the draft constitution was ready, the soft launch of the Stedfast Association of Kuala Lumpur was held on 16th April, 1994 at Menara Wesley. More than fifty former members and serving Officers were present which was officiated by Bishop Emeritus Datuk Dr. Denis. C. Dutton. In his speech, he thanked the Organising Group in its effort of starting the Association and believed strongly in the work of The Boys' Brigade and how the movement has affected the lives of thousands of Boys who have joined The Boys' Brigade at one time or other. He was confident that with the formation of the Association, more could be accomplished in furthering the object of The Boys' Brigade.

At the soft launch, a Pro-tem Committee was elected and held its first meeting on April 22nd, 1994. The main task of this Committee was to submit the Constitution to the Registrar of Societies for approval which was duly submitted on 18th July, 1994. The, on 9th October, 1995 our Persatuan Stedfast Kuala Lumpur was finally approved by the Registrar of Societies.

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Apart from having the same object of The Boys' Brigade, the Association also strive to foster the spirit of comradeship among former and present members of The Boys' Brigade. It also organize activities and programmes for the benefit of its members. Since our inception, quite a number of programmes have been held, for example, talks on health, property investment and economic outlook, outings, family camps, golf tournaments, Founder's Day dinners as well as participating in Kuala Lumpur Battalion (now KL State) and BBM programmes.

Since 1998, The Association has generously provided financial assistance in human resource development in the form of scholarship grants to deserving members of The Boys' Brigade pursuing studies at secondary, post secondary and tertiary levels.

The Association has also risen to the occasion and joined other Malaysians in donating to the JE Relief Fund and other charities such as old folks homes, children homes and responded to calls for donations to help those in dire need for medical expenses as well as the recent Tsunami Relief Fund.

To date, we are proud to say that we have been able to assist young people from The Boys' Brigade in their tertiary education as well as social concerns projects. All in all, we have disbursed more than RM 100,000.00

This Association also act as a link between all Stedfast Associations nationwide and worldwide.

We are also continually encouraging former members and serving officers to join the Association. You should join the Association because of the opportunities to serve and the satisfaction to contribute back to The Boys' Brigade and Community in a small way; and renewing of old acquaintances at the same time.

"Ask not what the Association can do for you BUT what you can do for the Community."


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